Help yourself.


In the nearly 4 years that the clinic has been up and running I’ve seen thousands of people come and go. Each one of them having changed a little and in some ways a lot for having been here and met some of the brilliant therapists that work together here. 

One thing I recently started to think about is what makes one person try to go it alone and another reach out for help? Every therapist here has been there, at a place where we needed help and where we reached out for it. In most cases it was what lead us to train and become qualified practitioners, we saw that when you make that decision to reach out it is the start of a process that is a drastic change from where you were before you made the decision.  (By the way, if you’re a therapist and you’re seeking therapy rooms in Cork, give us a call and we’ll talk about joining our team).

There is a relief in peoples faces when they walk in the door here, before they even see the therapist. One aspect is the place is friendly and professional looking enough to help put someone at ease but another is that they are here, they are where they feel they can get a grip on it, whatever it is, the problem they came in for, and that with the help of someone here they can actually start to change their situation. 

So, is it hope that makes a difference? Or is it the level of self respect each of our clients has? Maybe it is different for each person. 

I for one have huge respect for each of them and every therapist here is so grateful to be given the chance to help someone at a point of their lives that is tougher than other times. Whatever the reason, it is enough to make a difference and sometimes that is all that is needed to begin to really help yourself. 


If you need it, start with some TLC. Consider a massage, or give us a call and we’ll see how we can help you help yourself.

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