Learn mindfulness in a one to one session.


One-to-one Mindfulness Sessions: Creating a practical, flexible option for learning mindfulness

● Have you been putting off attending a mindfulness course because the time never seems right?
● Do you find it difficult to commit to longer-term courses due to an unpredictable schedule at home or work?
● Would you like to start learning to meditate in a flexible way that can be suited to your schedule?

Sometimes our schedules just don’t allow for us to commit to a specific time and day each week to attend a class. I remember well the frustration of doing shift work where it just wasn’t possible to arrange the time to attend an evening class regularly.
By now many people will be familiar with 8-week courses such as Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) or retreat days run for groups but did you know that one-to-one mindfulness training is also an option?
One-to-one sessions allow you to create a flexible, realistic way of working with a mindfulness teacher that can be tailored to your specific interests, allowing for more personal attention and privacy at times that suit you.

What Happens in a One-to-One Session?

Similar to group courses, all sessions are built around meditation, guided reflection and learning about how our minds work. What makes One-to-One sessions different is that we have the flexibility to focus on what is most relevant to you.

Maybe you find it difficult to manage stressful situations? Then let’s focus on practices that help you to ground yourself in times of difficulty and respond skilfully.

If you find it difficult to express emotions or to communicate your needs to friends/family/colleagues then we can work on mindful communication skills.

If you just feel a little disconnected from the world around you then let’s work towards helping you to reconnect with yourself and your environment in ways that help you fully engage in life.

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