At the clinic we are seeing a huge increase in clients reaching out to us with post and long covid related symptoms.

You and your body may have gone through a lot when you were unwell with a covid 19 infection. The body has systems in place that react and sometimes it takes time or some help to get those systems to return to normal.

Add to that added stress and emotional pressure, being sedentary, having to socialize less, giving up some of the things that we enjoy and being more worried about our health, jobs or the future in general all at the same time can put us in a state of feeling less than ourselves. This may last just for a while or, from what we are seeing, for some people can last much longer.

Thankfully the team are here to help alleviate some of the symptoms and to restore balance to your body.

Some of the symptoms we see in post or long covid clients;

Immune system irregulation,


Breathing difficulty, tightness in chest or finding it difficult to climb stairs etc.,

Brain fog,

Higher sensitivity to foods and products,

An increase in anxiety or more symptoms of low mood,

Pain in hips, back or other areas from being more sedentary and/or having greater inflammatory reaction in the body.

What we do;

The team that are working with and seeing success and a decrease in symptoms related to Post or long covid related are;

Joao Rosa of our acupuncture team.

ZIlber who works with the musculoskeletal system via Medical Massage.

Claire O’Brien of our Nutritional Therapy Team.

All of ourĀ Psychology, psychotherapy and counselling team are currently working with stress and emotional issues that may be a symptom of post or long Covid.

Clients with nasal, ear, stress, headaches, tinnitus and breathing issues have also found they benefited from Craniosacral Therapy with Fabrizio Vitali

Sometimes getting to the root of the issue and finding that there are other reasons for your symptoms or other issues in the body can help. Shannon Bester Kinesiology is using his technique to find other reasons one clients immune system may be compromised or struggling more than others.

Including multiple therapies for a short period of time can be more beneficial than working on just one area of your health repeatedly, depending on the condition and many other factors.

Should you require Massage or Reflexology to compliment your health program you can see the full team here and please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any queries. Contact

Thank you,

The Natural Clinic Team.